My art springs from the beauty of nature and I carry the conviction that art is a wondrous gift that I must share. My work resonates with a hope and optimism that is my personal rebuttal to the despair and emptiness of the Post Modern Age. I create visual energy through scale and color, choosing to produce monumental, yet delicate, subjects that are meant to delight the senses and captivate the mind's eye. Tropical flora are my favorite subjects. They are alive with a vibrant energy that is very special to me, since I am from Venezuela.

By creating a large format watercolor, I can increase the conveyance of the flower's healing energy to the viewers. The oversize presentation draws the viewers into the scene, capturing their attention through the use of scale. It's as if they've become a butterfly about to light on a beautiful flower. The bright colors are meant to evoke a positive emotional response, while the background creates a sense of marvel and enigma.