My art is grounded in the power of beauty and the conviction that life is a wondrous mystery that I must explore. My work carries a love and energy that is my personal rebuttal to the despair and emptiness of the Post Modern Age. I create visual energy through scale and color, choosing to produce monumental, yet delicate, subjects that are meant to delight the senses and captivate the mind's eye. Flora and nature are my favorite subjects. They are alive with a vibrant energy that is very special to me.

By using a large format watercolor, I can increase the conveyance of the flower's positive energy to the viewers. The oversize presentation draws the observers into the scene so that they think that they are in the middle of the forest, capturing their attention through the use of scale and proportion. I strive to bring what is out in nature into our living spaces, our minds and our hearts. The bright colors are meant to evoke a passionate emotional response, while the contrast of the darker backgrounds creates a sense of mystery and tension.

Those who have had an influence upon me and my work are numerous and varied:
I look to Joseph Raffael, Charles Demuth, Joseph Stella, Henri Matisse, Nolde, Paul Gauguin, Henry Roderick Newman, Oscar Claude Monet, William Sharp, Jean Francois Millet, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and the Mexican photographer, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, as my continuing influences. I would also like to note the influence of the Colombian writer, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.